Attendance Manamagement Solutions

Time-Minder TMv5
Time and Attendance Software

Powerful yet simple

The latest Time-Minder time and attendance software from AMSTIME-MINDER. Version 5 automates the calculation of any award conditions, provides a selection of reporting options, prepares payroll import files and much, much more.

Main Features:

  • >TMV5 manages unlimited numbers of employeesthere are no hidden costs if your business expands.
  • >Detailed employee records include shifts, classifications, departments and any additional payroll information. TMV5 fully automates your payroll.
  • >TMV5's automatic shift selection means time calculations are correct even if employees swap shifts.
  • >Cost-centre timing allocates times automatically to different cost centres or jobs throughout the day.
  • >Prints detailed time sheets for weekly verification.
  • >Prints weekly payroll in detail and summary for your records.
  • >Email reports directly from Time-Minder software.
  • >TMV5's fully tailored shifts mean all times are calculated exactly as per your award or workplace agreement.
  • >Easy to use! Can be tailored with your labels and headings.
  • >TMV5 has many more features including password protection, audit trails, public holiday calendar and period total reporting

    Screenshots of selected screens in Time-Minder v5